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Kunal Pharma Distributors Pvt Ltd is an established provider for pharmaceutical products in and around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Mr Prahlad Kumar founded itin 1994.At the time of inception, Kunal Pharma Distributors specialised in importing Life Saving Super Speciality Products. However, over the years, it has diversified its operations into numerous other segments. Now, KPDPL is a major supplier for speciality products of various renowned companies like Pfizer, Novartis, J&J, Boehringer, BMS, and Roche etc.

We strongly believe in adhering to disciplined policies andguarantee timely delivery of products. We take pride in our stringent ethics and our systematised code of conduct, which makes us a known name in every segment of health care, viz,ONCOLOGY, VIROLOGY, RHEUMATOLOGY, NEPHROLOGY, UROLOGY, CARDIOLOGY, OPHTHALMOLOGY, GENERAL MEDICINE and many more. At Kunal Pharma,we operate with a highly skilled and professional work force, which makes our services exceedingly competent. We provide our customers, easy access, reliability and high quality products.

Our services extend to Hospitals, Medical Centres, Individual Patients, Private Clinics, Private Laboratories, Doctor’s specialty clinics, R&D units, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, and targeted Government and Public Hospitals. We envision a future for KPDPL where it is the best worldwide supplier for medical products of all superior brands. Our aim is to become a globalised supplier and distributor of super speciality products.


We believe in maintaining the top most standards when it comes to our infrastructure. A good infrastructure is key to storing medicines and maintaining their life. High standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at our facility.We have a GDP compliant warehouse and supply chain.

We have well built facilities to keep medicines at optimum temperatures. We maintain varied storage spaces for varying temperatures. We are equipped with a COOL ROOM where we maintain a temperature of 25 degrees. To add to that we are also furnished with a COLD ROOM where freezing temperatures are maintained ranging from 2-8 degrees to even minus 20 degrees, depending on the prerequisite for the product. These measures are taken to ensure the safety, quality and longevity of the products that have a specific temperature requirement. We have an extensive mapped and online data monitoring system that reports all the values on the server.

The quality assurance is not only restricted to our premises but also extends to making the medicines reach the consumer or hospital with ease and care. We make sure to use cold boxes for migration of medicines outside our facilities. This helps to keep the quality of the product intact. We have well educated and highly skilled personnel to deliver the Medicine at the point of utilization. Our workforce is competent in handling logistics and pharmaceutical demands. All our amenities are of an international standard and meet the criteria for a top level warehousing facility.


We are health care product suppliers to private Hospitals, Medical Centres, Individual Patients, private Clinics, private Laboratories, Doctor’s specialty clinics, R&D units, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, and targeted Government and Public Hospitals in addition to Healthcare facilities. All our services are carried out keeping the best interest of the customer in mind.

We provide products via an established network of suppliers and distributors and also through direct sales offices. We deal closely with all our customers in identifying individual needs and providing the finest service and support to the final user of the product. We are an ISO 9001:2015 recognised company and follow GDP ethics at our organisation.


We are suppliers for specialised medicines for various hospitals. We supply to both private and government hospitals.


We provide direct stockyard facility to top pharmaceutical MNCs like Pfizer, Roche, BMS, Novartis AstraZeneca and many more. We are the only stockists for Pfizer across Hyderabad. Our top class infrastructuremakes us a popular storage facility for various brands.

RLD Sourcing, Comparator Sourcing And Clinical Trials Supply

A new generic drug product should essentially be compared to a reference-listed drug before seeking approval from the FDA. This RLD (Reference Listed Drug) is a sanctioned drug product to which new generic versions are compared to determine if they are bioequivalent. The FDA designates a single RLD as a standard to which all new products must be equivalent. Any drug company seeking approval to market a generic equivalent must refer to the Reference Listed Drug (RLD) in its Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA).

Kunal Pharma provides this Reference Listed Drug to various research centres across the nation. We facilitate the procurement of the RLD for research being conducted at various laboratories on manufacturing of new drugs. Kunal Pharma supplies RLD for clinical trials being conducted nation-wide. This is one of our biggest strengths. RLD suppliers are limited and RLD comparison study is mandatory to attain approval of the FDA.

Comparator Sourcing is a part of RLD. We source comparators (generic bioequivalent) for research purposes. We supply these comparators to clinical research teams and work with them from the preliminary stages. Our services extend even till the phase 4 of clinical trials. We guarantee full assistance and top quality products for all services we provide.

Our services extend to Clinical Trial Supplies as well. We supply products for Clinical trials being conducted nationwide. These products include Investigational Medical Products, analytical samples and Comparators. Kunal Pharma’s diverse product portfolio can be utilised by any companyconducting clinical or comparator trials. This can prove to be cost effective and immensely convenient for the company. Kunal Pharma is among the top suppliers for clinical trials assuring high standard and fast delivery. We also provide these medicines at optimum cost with minimal margins, as our motto is to make medical care accessible to the needy at effective cost.

Name Patient Supply

In an age of globalisation, there is nothing that cannot be sourced from worldwide. There is a demand for certain rare medical products or drugs, which are unavailable in the country or a particular city. In such a scenario, Kunal Pharma offers this service where the patient can import the medicine from anywhere through our company. We procure the required product and supply to the patient after validation of a prescription. This process is handled smoothly at Kunal Pharma, where we follow all the guidelines of import and ensure safe and timely delivery of your product through our trustworthy shipment chain. Kunal Pharma is a trusted name for name patient supply owing to our strength is following timelines and going through a proper channel to cater to any patient’s needs. The patient’s care is our top priority and we make sure to follow the right protocols to make any product available to the customer.

Cold Chain Supply

Cold chain supply is a supply chain management system that encompasses storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods and medicines such as vaccines, serums, test samples etc from their time of manufactureto the time of usage. At Kunal Pharma, we provide thermal and refrigerated packaging alternates to smoothen the progress oftransportation, keeping the quality of the product intact.


Retail is one of our biggest branched out service. We are associated with all major Multinational pharmaceutical companies in India. We believe in making health care available to every individual, which is why our prices are based on minimal margins. Our network is wide spread across all leading pharmaceutical brands. We offer convenience services such as home delivery and counselling too. We have in-house pharmacists and trained counsellors who can guide patients in the best manner suiting their requirements. Our network makes it easy for existing customers to reach back to us if need be and also for new customers to connect with us. We are suppliers to various pharmacies across Andhra and Telanganaand maintain the dignity of our revered name in the pharmaceutical industry.


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